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As I mentioned yesterday, the Bear and I will be enjoying our holidays in Chicago this year. This post is dedicated to the delicious Thanksgiving feast inspirations floating around the internet. 

{isn't this a great idea? via Pinterest}
Though I have to admit, as I looked through recipes and pictures, the thought occurred to me "Um wait, I'm going to have to.. make.. a turkey? How do I even do that? Doesn't it take all day?"

.. and then I thought..

Whoa, this is like wife practice. MAKING THANKSGIVING. Starting our own traditions.

Here are the recipes we're hoping to enjoy this holiday.
Step 1: The Stuffing.
Stuffing, everybody's favorite. Stuffing in apples?! Take me there. Immediately.

Step 2: The Sides.

This step is tricky. There are only two of us. Which sides to do?

via Pinterest
Mashed potatoes, check.

Green bean casserole. Phew, check.
Roasted vegetables. Mmmmm, check.
"Tastes like Thanksgiving Casserole"... what! Yes, please.

Step 3. The Turkey

If any of you are out there reading this, do you have suggestions for alternatives to Thanksgiving turkey? Do they have small turkeys? Do I make a whole turkey for just one man? What's Thanksgiving without turkey?

Step 4. The dessert.
via Yours Truly :)
Sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Will you be trying anything new this year?

5 Responses to a holiday in the city ~ cooking inspiration

  1. Chelsea McGorisk

    Make him eat Tofurky! It's the perfect size!

  2. Casey // dreams and bones.

    mmm Tofurky has definitely been in my thoughts!

  3. Anni

    Another suggestion - mushroom green bean casserole! But yes, stuffing is the best!

  4. Casey // dreams and bones.
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Casey // dreams and bones.

    Yum - mushroom green bean casserole is definitely on the menu, thanks Anni! I think we'll use my mom's recipe.. have to keep tradition! ;)

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