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Happy post-Thanksgiving, my friends! We haven't spoken in a bit, I know. The past couple of weeks I learned that things get very hectic when you're planning your first vacation with your fiancĂ©. It feels so grown up to say that! We both have worked full time for the past 5 months, and since we knew we wouldn't be back to the Mitten and our friends for Christmas, we decided to spend the week prior to Thanksgiving with our friends and family. 

It was fantastic. 

There were stressful moments, to be sure, but the moment we arrived on our good friend Rhett's doorstep, we felt at home. The following 4 days were filled with good food, lots of laughter, delicious well made coffee, brewery 'tours' and best friend adventures. Coming home was sad for the both of us, but we were filled with joy and love! We truly couldn't have asked for more.

a collection of images from the orchard, the wine tasting,
 the brewery and the grand rapids adventure. we love our friends so much.

pure michigan.

mr. burkhart at our wedding venue. (via joe photography)

bromance at bell's brewery.

delicious soy cappuccino with rare elaffante espresso at madcap coffee, grand rapids, MI. 

if you asked me what i'm thankful for this season, i'd tell you that it's more than i could ever have time to say. but if you really want to know, take a look at these pictures.

up next: Chicago friendsgiving recap.

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