Inspired Monday: the Etsy version

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Yesterday the Mr. and I walked around the city after church, relishing in our first day off together in months. Man, I can't put words to how much we both enjoyed the day together. One of our favorite things to do together is wander the city and show each other what inspires us, what desires we have, and what we hope to be doing in the coming months.

and, because it's November, I've got Holidays on the brain. My heart is so warm at autumn and early winter traditions! Since this is our first year "on our own" and away from the traditions of home, we've got to create new ones. Today we wandered through shops, discussing gifts we'd like to get for each other {even though we've got two very big Christmas gifts for each other coming in the mail next week, but shhh! that's a secret!}. 

In the spirit of gift giving and wishlist making {the former being my personal favorite!}, here are some Etsy finds I'd love to share with you. Hopefully they will inspire you to create a giving list that outweighs your wishlist. ;)

{hint: #2 has something to do with my surprise coming in the mail this week! ;) }

What sorts of gifts do you hope to give/receive this year? Will you shop the Black Friday deals? Or do you have lots of handmade gifts in mind? I'll share my do-it-yourself handmade gift ideas later this week.

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    I am so interested in learning how to make handmade gifts for the Holidays! I love giving, but my wallet doesn't allow for much. I would to see some more tutorials :)

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