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Recently, the Bear & I found out we'll be spending the holidays in Chicago, away from family and many friends. Most of our dear friends out here are fellow transplants, who will return to the coziness of their nests during the holidays. So to keep our spirits high, I've decided decorations and delicious food are in order.

I love how Tracy decorated her home for Halloween, and I could definitely use elements of this idea for my own home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I know what you're thinking. spiders for Thanksgiving? Black and orange pumpkins? No, no, no.. What I love about Tracy's simple decor are the painted mason jar and wine bottle filled with seasonally colored flowers, the painted pumpkins to accentuate her home decor, and the decorative flowers on the mantle. I can see something similar happening on top of my bookcases. :)

via Pinterest, I love these ideas..

These two ideas are easy to execute for me, with the many mason-type jars we've been collecting for the wedding. I can see them filled with small red and white ornaments and cinnamon scented pine cones. The finishing touches of ribbon and twine will surely make some delicious scented decorations for the home. I am delighted at the idea of making our own snowglobes!

via Pinterest again..

For Christmas, I believe I'll be making two stockings for us. This Better Homes & Gardens article recommends hanging stockings from bookshelves. I love the idea of decking out the bookshelves with holiday goodies! B & I have decided to secretly fill stockings for each other with treats and presents all month long during December. The hope is that on Christmas day, we can celebrate tradition and gift giving with each other.

 Next up.. special holiday homemade food inspiration. Check back tomorrow for my holiday dinner inspirations!

What's inspiring you to decorate for the holidays? Or will you be fleeing the coop and heading to your family? What new traditions do you hope to start this season?

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