a pinteresting monday.

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Mondays, mondays, mondays.

They almost always start off crazy. Today in higher ed, everything seemed off kilter. My suspicion is that I'm not the only one who woke up dreaming of just one more day off.

I'll be honest with you guys: the key word of my weekend was lazy. Sure, I met with our wedding photographer, purchased some goodies for the wedding from a strange foreign man in a garage, and even had a movie night with friends. But goodness, I spent so much time soaking up time spent doing nothing. I'll tell you guys, when it comes in small doses, it's the best.

A lot of my free time I spend focusing on what little details I like from other weddings I find, and planning how to make details my own. Thank God for Pinterest!

 Here are some things I love.

1. Chalkboards

2. Word bunting :)

3. Do it yourself photobooth props

4. Rustic wooden signs
{use your imagination here}

There are many more details to come! My mind is always swirling with the fun ideas. What are your favorite wedding details? What's inspiring you to create lately? 

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