Friendsgiving 2011.

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This year was the first time I prepared Thanksgiving dinner. I was blessed to be surrounded by my soon-to-be husband, dear friends, and even a new friend! Here are some images, forgive how messy I look. It was a long day of traveling from Michigan, and cooking for several hours.

the beautiful Meredith preparing to carve the turkey.

about to serve mashed "purdurdurs" 

mmm crescent rolls

the lovely Sam

the mister

coffee time with keef

i served 3 pies: pumpkin, pecan and miniature apple.

the photog, nick, with my mug. :)

the mini apple pies with pumpkin. mmmm.

this is what all of the goods looked like together!
{all images courtesy of Nick Biscardi}

I can't tell you how happy I was to be in the kitchen all day, preparing dish after dish, so we could all enjoy a happy holiday together. It was a wonderful beginning to new traditions.  

We were stuffed with crescent rolls, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes (mashed purdurdurs!), roasted carrots, and the frans all ate turkey. There was fancy wine and fancy beer. We followed it up with coffee, eggnog and pumpkin, pecan and mini apple pies. Absolutely, 100% blessed.

The time was filled with friendship, laughter, and happiness.

At the end of the evening, the Mister and I made a deal with our friends to shop for the silliest things at the beginning of midnight on Black Friday. They picked up bath towels for us, and we picked up flash drives for them. Silly, right??

Our friend Nick sent me this, as we all stood in our respective lines: "We should still be full of pie and turkey and nog. These people in line with us should be at home with the families whose love they're trying to buy. We're all better than this."

But to tell you the truth, as much as I love my still-new Black Friday tradition, I have to say I was completely pleased with the fullness of pie, nog, and thanksgiving noms.

So, what traditions did you celebrate this year? Did you find any good deals on Black Friday? Did you celebrate a friendsgiving, or did you celebrate with family? Tell me all about your holiday this year. :)

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