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this week i met with a friend
who told me her husband gets the itch

if he doesn't create
if he isn't creative
he feels .. off.
it's not an unproductive feeling,
it's much more.

i told her i knew exactly what she meant.

if i'm not making.. 
it doesn't feel right.

time feels wasted.

so that's what i've been doing this week. 
holing up into my nest
comfy pants on
LOST on the television
and tons and tons and tons of projects.

the more completed in a night, the better.

and that friend?
well she started her own wedding planning business
launched it this week in fact!
and she writes this fantastic blog
where she teaches us not only about centerpieces and table numbers
but getting along,
staying in love,
she's not only teaching us how to plan our weddings,
she's teaching us how to build a strong marriage. 
{i can't help but think about how awesome it is that 
while i get my energy from hands on working, 
she gets hers from writing. kind of amazing how Gifts work.. right?}
if you're planning your own wedding.. be sure to visit her.

xo from henry
and me ;)

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