another crafty week~

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there's been this image floating in my mind 
for a couple of weeks now

I have this vision for a banner at our wedding
used in a few specific places
with my newest love..


what's a scallop, you say?

scallop garland via Sew, Mama, Sew!

I would love to show you the scallop house trim I adore
the scallop side table that won awards at a design show recently
and the scalloped shoes I just saw

.. but Google Images and I just aren't getting along at the moment.
so the garland will have to do.

but man.. I just have this in my head
and yesterday I spent a long time trying to figure out 
how to make it come out.

Here are the results:

first I cut the flags (a few days ago), and sprayed them with fabric stiffener.
then i cut scallop shapes out of my yellow fabric.

then I laid my idea out.. but it didn't seem just right. so I grabbed my dark mustard colored fabric and laid the burlap on top of it. 

but it didn't seem just right -- BUT I wasn't scrap that idea just yet.

so then I just held my yellow scallops against the mustard fabric. I did like that.. but I wasn't ready to omit the burlap.

then earlier today, I saw on a wedding blog that a girl did burlap flags 
exactly how I have mine cut out (minus the scallops), so I feel less worried about that
and I'm excited to brainstorm the use of both mustard and burlap flags. :)

but in other news.. five of these little guys showed up.
and they are ready to be used in centerpieces!

coming soon.. i am really excited to announce a new project i'm working on.
simple for some, complicated for me!
i will be starting my own "real simple" food challenge!
gotta shake things up with the eating 
and get myself prepared to be a wife!
starting next week, i'll start my seven day challenge
 and bring you all along for the ride.
if you'd like to join in, comment with your blog link (or join in on twitter)
 and we'll have to do our own little blog party. :)

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