DIY: How To Transfer An Image To Canvas

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Remember that project I talked about earlier this week?
. . . . . 
It's HERE! And I'm going to show you how to do it!

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First.. go find yourself a photograph that you love. 

Recently, this image has been floating around Pinterest
and it makes me so dreeeeeamy.
So I printed it out and made this project!

Let's get started. First: go on Photoshop (or whatever image editing software you have) 
and reverse, reverse! 
No, only reverse one time. 
But make sure you do it, because I definitely 
did not the first time and it didn't work out. 
At all.

Now get a gel medium (I used Mod Podge. It's really inexpensive and you can use it for everything!) 
and a paint brush or a sponge brush. Paint the medium on thick - but not too thick!

Next: Lay your image face down on the canvas.

Now get yourself a spoon. or a butter knife. Or both, if you're me.
Do you see those air bubbles? 

Use the spoon and flatten out all of the bubbles.
When most of them are gone, leave the project to dry overnight.

Come back the next day, use a spray bottle and spray the entire piece until your image shows through. 
Now peel (very gently) from the edges or the corners. Be careful not to lift your image off of the page. The paper is layered, and you are peeling the initial layer off.

It looks a little like this! 
(sorry for the poopy picture but the cat was priceless)

You will need to let the image dry for a few hours, or if you're impatient, get a blow dryer. 
When you come back it's going to be almost completely white again. 
Spray it until it is completely wet, and continue to peel the layers away.
When you get to a stopping point, let it dry again. 
Then repeat!

For this project, it only took me 2 or 3 times to revisit before it was done.
Don't worry if you get cracks or rough spots. That adds to the rustic look.. it's good!

When you decide you are done, brush one more layer of Mod Podge
over the entire image to seal it. 
All done!

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