Friday Photos: wedding and home crafting.

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Nothing beats time to yourself used creatively..

This new project sat eagerly in the corner all night waiting for me to start on it.
{here's a secret.. I messed up.. more on that later}

I quickly finished the lingering project I had been finishing all week long: 
The cover for my late grandmother's bible, which we'll be using to hold our rings at the ceremony.

I attached the yellow fabric to the burlap earlier this week, but the ends of the burlap got rough pretty quickly and began to come apart. DUH. Why didn't I think of that in the first place? I went back last night to sew seams along the edges so the piece holds together.

"with this ring
i thee wed"

so excited for the moment those words actually come out of my mouth. :)

Once I was finished, it was time to work on my new project. 
I began a project called "Transfer your photo to canvas"..

it occurred to me this would be a beautiful way to make prints out of images I love. 
The results look like a distressed image on canvas.

Except I messed up because I didn't think about the "mirror image" - you have to reverse your image before printing in order to transfer it correctly. And I don't have a printer at home.

So up to Fed Ex Office I go.. and I will show you the results soon. :)
(*update* The second try was so successful!! I can't wait to show you! Come back tomorrow for a peak!)

Here's a sneak peek at our guest book quilt pieces.
 I did a little work on those as well. :)

I recently rearranged my living room wall with a pretty arrangement of art. 
I'm hoping to add to the opposite side of the wall with the new prints I will be making this week. 

I'm also hoping to frame those little prints.. but I love the layout for now.

What have you done creatively this week?

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