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Sometimes I think my life is boring..

I wonder where the time has gone and why I have accomplished so little. And then I look back at the photos I happen to capture over time and I realize I've accomplished, experienced, and seen so much. Then I get really smiley, and really grateful. Perhaps I should look at these a little more frequently.

Many exciting and fun things have happened since February 1st. Here's a recap.. 

 There were lots of Bobtail runs..

I tested out some of our wedding decorations.

 My Valentine's day present was a brand new legit sewing machine.
mmmm.. Miss Viking.. you are my favorite.

My other Valentine's day present was a heart shaped brownie.

 I caught a beautiful sunset on Mardi Gras..

 and we ate paczkis with Chelsea at Dinkles.. so worth it!

Jacob built a whole bicycle on his own. I thought it was sexy.
  {don't look at me like that! I'm marrying him! I'm allowed to say that!}

 Started purchasing centerpiece goodies.. 

 and vintage fabrics for bowties..

 There were more paczkis for breakfast (mmmmm..)

 I learned a little bit of code.. and cracked myself up..

 and then there were bow ties.

 We went to rare beer tappings {lots of Founders. February is for Founders} .. which sometimes resulted in picking up Chipotle ahead of time.

 I got my dress for Hannah's wedding, and I couldn't be more excited!
(OH Do you see that on the floor behind me?! THOSE ARE MY $7 CAKE STANDS! I can't wait to introduce the DIY for that next month! Once I get some paint on those babies!) 

Frances and I had a Noble Tree date, only when we got there, it no longer existed!!
... we were sad. 

Then Jacob and I went to a Half Acre beer tour! We were the first group ever to learn about the science of beer making, instead of the creative side. 

Right after that, we visited Hot Doug's for the first time ever, and ate yummy dogs..

with these cool kittens 
(ps; please click the link to see how Keef is cycling to raise money to fight sex trafficking)

on another day it was nice out, so we went for a walk where we stopped for random smoothies and tasty beverages..

and I still plugged away at those bow ties.. (can't wait to open an Etsy!)

 while smiling at this adorable dude.

On another day our brooms and eggs were standing on their own
and a friend decided that it was time to make LOST's Dharma Initiative fish biscuits 
(aka sugar cookies) 


 There's my egg standing up all on its own. The broom did it too but my pictures show my messy floor..

The day before that, two of B's pals drove out here after being awake for 30 hours.
to SHOP.
Needless to say.. the second they got to me (and B wasn't around), they made jokes and promptly fell asleep.
Later this happened.

 the Mister took me to Fountainhead for fancy drinks and noms. (highly recommended!) 

 I think I made my bridal hair piece. 

 I drank iced coffee. In the sunshine. IN SEVENTY DEGREE WEATHER. Life was good that day.

 sushi + paper cranes

and orchids on my day off.

There you have it!
What were your favorite moments of February (and the beginning of March)?

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