Texas Recap Pt 1

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Well, we're back from Texas. We've been settled just over a week, and I'm so excited to show you some of our adventures from the trip.

It took me a little bit to muster up the courage to whip out my camera and start shooting, so unfortunately I missed just enough to not have pictures of half the family. To those not photographed.. don't worry! I'll get you next time. :) 

Highlights from the trip:

Traveling around Dallas with our good pal, Blanton, soaking up the sunshine!

It's a bear.. with a Bear! Ahhhh

Big monuments and Texas history lessons...


 Beautiful big blue skies...

Record stores owned by Polyphonic Spree members...

woops.. was I supposed to know that?

 B and B went to The Holy Grail in Dallas, ordered two beer flights, and an hour long beer lesson commenced. Super fascinating. Super fun. 

my new fran. 

B's dear friend Blanton showed us around Dallas .. a town I had never really been in. We explored eateries, a Frank Lloyd Wright home, a gigantic mall that served delicious fish tacos, Fair Park, a historical site that has a very deserted offseason, and a bar that served delicious craft beers. During all of this I learned more about my fiancĂ©'s history, friendships and the town he grew up in. Blanton is a stand up guy.. his heart is full of compassion and kindness, and he is filled with lots of knowledge he loves to share. I'm excited he's in our lives. 

Stick around tomorrow for Part 2, featuring my almostinlaws. :)

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