Wedding Crafting Progress

Posted by Casey // dreams and bones. on Tuesday, December 13, 2011. Filed under: , , , ,

Here's what I've been up to, aside from hanging Artnog:

First, crafting with my girlfrans and eating an enormous amount of homemade from scratch corn tortilla chips. I'm considering employing my friend as a wholesale corn tortilla chip distributor.. dealing to my chips and salsa addiction. mmmm.

 mmmm so good.

Next... making my groomsmen their boutonnieres.

 The tutorial for this is coming - promise!

Also, I'm working on some wedding details. Little things to make the day more fun for everybody.

can't show you the whole thing yet. :)

for the guest book table

Next up.. I'm learning to crochet ! I think I will start with Crochet School over at Crafty Minx. Want to join me? Just leave a comment and let me know. We can jump on the boat together! 

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